Salman Aditya

Welcome to my dreams!


My name is Salman Aditya. A lot of people doesn’t know who I am. Who am I?

I know you are awesome because you reading this about me peace of crap, so without further ado let me introduce myself.

My name is Salman Aditya, I guess you already know that.

What do you do?

Well I do a lot of things and it’s all started with a simple dream, I believe that people should do what they want. In my opinion, in order to be happy, people needs to follow his/her dreams. People must believe they can do it. I’m a best selling author of several big hits humor & romantic comedy novels. I’m also an indie musician, I produced 3 internationally released musical album. I’m also a creative producer. I have experience, working in one of the largest Media & Television in Indonesia such as, Dago Press, RCTI and RTV. My dream is to be an expert in Technology industry and start my own fully funded startup.

When I was younger I manage to create three musical albums and I create it in my home studio. Let me tell you about my equipment, I only use PC, cheap mic, MIDI organ and a couple of software.

I consider myself as a writer not a director. I dream, I write my dream into a plan and tries to make it real. I play a small role as writer bu God act as director. What I can do is hope and pray.

I know its stereotypical but as half Asian and half white I really love taking pictures. My gear is Canon EOS 650D (Rebel T4i) and I use it to taking pictures (obviously). My favorites objects are human expression, architecture, nature, animal and perfect moment. You can buy my photos work as poster, album or book.

A lot of people consider me as a creative, intelligent, trustworthy and reliable person. They invite me to teach, being a contest judge, talking inspirational stuff” in talk show and so on.

When I have free time, and it’s not that rare, I play basketball, free fight, boxing, jogging, rugby, a bit of soccer, hanging out and watching movies.

How about your real jobs?

When I recently graduated, like the most of the people I’m getting a job. After several weeks of waiting I got a job as creative team in RCTI (Indonesian National Network Television). After several months working in this place I feel that I can do a lot more if I build my own company. So here I am, My name is Salman Aditya and I’m the CEO and founder of,, CV. LSM, and also I work at RTV (Rajawali Televisi) for now.

Do you have a dream ?

I have a dream. I have a dream that I can makes my family happy, build my own little family and founding a educational facilty.

What’s your secret ?

Passionate workaholic, high spirited loving soul.

Any inspirational quotes ?

Just do what you love and stop thinking other people opinions.